Yearly Archives: 2004

How I spent my holidays

November 29, 2004

This is my first post via email, so it’s a bit of a test. Today, I
need to sit down and list out what I accomplished this weekend because
I can feel the weight of everything I need to do keeping me somewhat


Illustration Friday is launched has a wee bit of information up.

I posted pictures from my California trip.

I emptied two of my chasers and attempted to set some type for my
letterpress. I failed miserably, but I can always try again.

I did a little bit of (unusable) illustration work – good for keeping
me in the habit.

I visited the cafe and met their new web guy, made sure they were
happy with their service. Hey, they are! That’s bonus.

I sketched out a new painting.

I ordered a bunch of business supplies (ahem, paint, canvases, paper –
well, the paper was a business supply)

Ok, I’m back. I baked an effing good apple-pear-cranberry pie on Thanksgiving night, in no time flat.

I watched the third Harry Potter movie at least four times.

I spent time with my friends.

I guess it wasn’t a bad weekend after all.