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January 30, 2004

In other happy news, I had a complete bitchy breakdown last night after waiting about eight hours to eat a meal while J. dickered around cooking it. By the time we DID eat, it had been twelve hours since my last meal, and I was plotting death. Five minutes and half a pound of mashed potatoes later, I was much more chipper.

So this morning, to prevent the same thing from happening, I made sure to eat a nice tidy little breakfast of tea and toast, two bits of bacon, some sauteed mushrooms and herbs, and a fried cage-free egg from Moark’s Happy Hens. They probably have happy roosters, too, because all the eggs I ever get from them are fertilized.

I’m finding the world is in a little better focus after food and caffeinated Prince of Wales tea. That’s why I’m so chatty. That, and I’m procrastinating.