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Spring fever

February 15, 2010

Baby radicchio

There’s nothing like an entire month of being snowed in under gray skies to propel me outside for seed starting after three sunny days in a row. I spent a happy hour digging in dirt and here’s the earliest of what is sown:

Red Hamburger Onions (these probably have a real name, I call them what I would use them for if I could grow them bigger than scallion size before the chipmunks munch ’em)
Aiguille Vert and Tavera Filet Beans – these are darling little white “rice” beans and I am curious to see what they look like.
Dwarf Grey Sugar Snap Peas
Three kinds of carrots – baby and round carrots, as well as Chantenay.
Salad mix – I make this mix by hand from endive, three kinds of lettuce, two kinds of arugula, and cutting celery.
Cherry Belle radishes – when I was a kid in Hawaii, these took approximately 10 days from sowing to eatable size. Volcanic soil ftw.

I enjoyed some free time this weekend reading permaculture and farming blogs so I thought I’d link to a few of my favourites:

Throwback at Trapper Creek
– this has been in my RSS reader for years, it’s a longtime favourite.
Subsistence Pattern – a new find through the blog above.
The Walden Effect – I like it when people experiment and document their experimentations to share.

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