Birthday week…

September 21, 2006

Monday I turned 27. As I understand it, that means I’ll be thirty on my next birthday. Also, happy birthday to my tattoo, which turned two that day. We went camping at Carlsbad on the bluffs overlooking the beach. It was lovely and warm, good food, sleepy fireside chats. A short trip; we came back Read more >>

Fugue State

September 6, 2006

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, and all the movement of these passing days merits an update. We have been home from Kansas City for a month, and I am surprised at how much we’ve accomplished, and the enormous amount we have left to do. Between clearing the house out in preparation for some renovations, Read more >>

Good morning, welcome home

August 7, 2006

We made it. And just in time for birthday cake, too! We pulled up at the mountain house around 5:30pm. Within two minutes of arriving, our scrub jays were on the deck demanding peanuts. It was cool and crisp and a perfect welcome home. Saturday night, we blearily drove in to town for dinner, thinking Read more >>

I’m goin’ be stand on the corner…Twelfth Street and Vine

August 1, 2006

So, Kansas City. Lush like a rainforest in the wet summer heat, shades of green rarely found outside the jungle. All of Spring’s flowers seem to still dot the roadsides. We’ve spent mornings at the cafe and evenings having dinner with friends. Yesterday we went to Josh’s grandparent’s home for a perfect summer Sunday roast Read more >>


July 26, 2006

There is a lot to discuss here. I haven’t written since I posted about my mother’s death, being otherwise preoccupied, but there is more to say. I should write about her last night, but I’m not sure this is the space for it – my family reads this, and it was a hard night for Read more >>

Mountain mornings in Summer

July 7, 2006

I posted, below, a draft I began a few weeks ago. When I re-read it this morning, I realized it was more complete than I had thought. Since I wrote it, Mom has been catheterized and is bedbound. She can still manage an hour or two on the deck feeding the scrub jay, smoking cigarettes, Read more >>

Documentation as Theory and Practice

July 7, 2006

I didn’t intend to write an entry today. It’s been nearly a month since the last one, and I haven’t let myself have enough time to do the kind of ruminating that usually leads to an entry. Some notable events have occurred – I was accepted into the grad program I applied for, and if Read more >>

Polar Night – A Guide to the North for Lost Travellers

November 10, 2005

You arrived in the city without a map. You anticipated a loss of direction but you forgot that the nights are all so long here, in the North. Here you have lost the edges of the day. There is nothing to stay your pace so you set out on the streets and the air is Read more >>

myriads and myriads

October 16, 2001

Blue dust of evening over my city, Over the ocean of roofs and the tall towers Where the window-lights, myriads and myriads, Bloom from the walls like climbing flowers. -Sara Teasdale