Daffodil time is past

July 4, 2007

Did you ever have one of those decisions where the pros and cons were so evenly divided that you waffled one way or another forever, hoping that some external force or sign would help you decide? Yeah. I’ve decided to withdraw from my graduate program and not travel to Austria. It is one of those Read more >>

Bel Canto

November 14, 2006

What a term. What a term! After a week and a half of illness (kidney infection, leading to my first encounter with socialized medicine, where at one point I found myself debating whether or not to knock down an old man carrying a copy of his echocardiogram who’d cut in front of me in the Read more >>

Writing Workshop Reading

December 7, 2005

Last night, myself and the nine members of Jeffrey’s writing workshop gave a reading for the other students and the good people of Paroikia. I knew it was going to be solid, we’ve had a lot of great pieces this term. But nothing prepared me for the actual event – ten powerful voices, each original Read more >>

Writing Workshop #4

December 2, 2005

The afternoon has washed itself from the bricks, collected itself in puddles on the street and the feet of the people that pass bring twilight in that settles on the stones as the windowlights fall one by one. Upstairs there is a room, and yesterday there was a room yet in between these cities shift Read more >>

Polar Night – A Guide to the North for Lost Travellers

November 10, 2005

You arrived in the city without a map. You anticipated a loss of direction but you forgot that the nights are all so long here, in the North. Here you have lost the edges of the day. There is nothing to stay your pace so you set out on the streets and the air is Read more >>

The Siren

October 25, 2005

Evening always begins the same way; the careful folding of the sky on itself, the unweaving of sound from the air. Jasmine-sprays of stars hang against the thin black wall of night. Tonight I find Orion aiming his fixed dart through the red heart of Mars into the wan face of the moon. I have Read more >>