October 27, 2003

Today I exercised for an hour. Then I started writing.

I went through all of my false starts for Minotte to see if I could glean any good stuff to help me begin. I’m having trouble with that – the start. I have bits and pieces written, but I need to sit down and just write a draft out so that I can polish it up and bring all the parts together. I have something like three really good five-hundred word starts, all with different characters and settings than I want. But the writing is good – better than the writing of this entry, in face. Heh.

I tried to plow through it, and just write any beginning so that I could move on, but it didn’t work as well as I thought. I think a lot of my troubles come from being distracted by the fires, so I’m not putting too much emphasis on it. I did come to a realisation that I wanted to sort of write around a lot of the plot at first, to build the suspense. And that the characters of the two aunts are better drawn by their looks and movements than by dialogue. Progress is small.

I watched the Matrix Reloaded on my computer last night while I did some emulsion transfers. I experimented with transfers on glass, using adhesive plastic discs to add texture. J. was fairly nonplussed by the technique, but I think the right combination of composition, mounting, and display could really produce a stunning effect. I’ll try and find a way to photograph my first attempts.

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