2007 – The Year in Review – December & January

December 19, 2007

It is time to put to sleep for the New Year, as always, while I tinker behind the scenes. I am planning on launching a proper photography portfolio in 2008, so I thought it would be good to post photos from every month in 2007 as a reflection on the work I’ve done and, hopefully, on progress I’ve made.

To me, 2007 started with our departure from Paros and our return to the Valley of Enchantment to make it our home. So the story begins in December and moves through January. Tomorrow, I’ll post photos from February and March, and so on until we meet the New Year and sign off for a few days. Most of these photos have never been seen before, and few, if any, have been post-processed. My refined photos will be on display in my portfolio – until then, these are the messy documents of my real life.

You can view the Flickr set here.

December 2006 at – we leave Paros and pause a bit in Athens and London before heading home to our newly renovated little house in the Valley of Enchantment.

January 2007 at – I read fortunes in Greek coffee dregs and try to settle in to life in the little house without Mom.

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