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October 16, 2001

I’m listening to Pete Yorn. I always have to mention what I’m listening to, because if I’m on the computer I’m listening to music. When J.’s friend was out this past weekend, I warned her in the car – “If a good song comes on, I will make a fool of myself singing and dancing to it. I expect you to join in.” Luckily she was amenable.

We went to Target today to get stuff for the drive out – an emergency kit for the car, with tools and stuff, some things to make the kitty comfy while we’re driving out there (including a collar and leash so I can leash him when we stop and take him outside for a bit) and some candy. Strangely enough, the candy was J.’s idea.

(No, I don’t know why I abbreviate his name when I’ve only given this URL to people I know, and YOU all know his name is Josh.)

Next song on the playlist – Take California by the Propellerheads. How fitting.

At any rate, this is a quick update to just keep track of the fact that we’ve purchased all necessary car paraphenalia, we’re taking it in tomorrow to get the front end aligned and get the oil changed, and then hopefully Thursday morning we’ll be on our way.

I created a little character yesterday while trying to set up my new design portfolio. Her name is Mod. I think she’d look cute on a tank top.

Anybody need a bed or a stereo? Or a lamp? A sewing machine maybe? I have no idea what to do with all this shit. All I can fit in the truck is some clothes, my computers (all fucking four of them. God we’re sick people) and some of my books. Oh yes, I am giving away books too. Any takers?

We finally have our phone set up in Kansas City. Anyone needing the new address or number can email me at

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