February 8, 2005

Dream: I’m in the mountains, getting ready for a celebration at the high school. In fact, there are several days of celebrations, but the one I’m focused on is the “18th Century Pin-up” themed masquerade. The night before, we are celebrating with fireworks and one explodes in front of my face. My right eye is damaged. I decide that I can take to wearing rhinestone-studded patches to cover it, as long as I get a few facial piercings to complete “the look”. Wearing bandages on my face, I go to several stores trying to pick up enough fabric to make my dress for the masquerade. I decide the “pin-up” part of the theme means I have to have a huge Empire hairstyle, but the patch keeps getting in the way while I’m trying to do my hair.

The dream ends when I take the patch off and see my damaged eye with its white iris exposed in the mirror.

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