Amsterdam for a Weekend

November 2, 2006


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It’s fitting that we spent Halloween weekend in a northern city. Beautiful, beautiful place. Lots of bicycles. A tired carnival at the Dam which made a great compass for the Red Light District. Four very badly needed days in which we just. had. fun. It was wonderful. Then we lucked out and had two extra days in Athens due to bad weather – without feeling compelled to “go out and see the sights” we were able to just enjoy the time off. I even nearly forgot about my favourite holiday as I sat on a sofa-chair in the hotel room eating chocolate and reading books. Except that’s how I always spend my favourite holidays so it’s like I didn’t forget at all.

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2 thoughts on “Amsterdam for a Weekend”

  1. Hope you’re having fun, hope to see you soon when you get back to the states, but for now, enjoy your time away!

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