Astounding, amazing, astonishing.

March 12, 2005

This morning I lazed in bed until ten. J. is at his brother’s house for an all night marathon NASCAR-LAN party, and I have the house to myself. When I finally got out of bed (the cat was very insistent, even though I had fed him breakfast at 7:30, little varmint) I immediately started working on photographing some old paintings for my portfolio. As I stepped outside into the sun I gasped “It’s HOT!”. The breeze was cool, but it felt at least eighty outside.

It snowed two days ago.

My first thought was “I’m going to post this on my LJ! The world must know of today’s temperature!” but I held off until I finished whipping up some cyanotypes. And then just now, I heard “Three Blind Mice” in ringing tones drifting up the street, and had another surprise-


Can you believe this? It’s almost like summer. Sunshine, and THE ICE CREAM MAN! It’s not even 2pm yet. If I have another surprise, you will be the first to know.

I’m watching Napolean Dynamite for the second time, trying to figure out the appeal. The first time I watched it I was not impressed. But my friend Em said she had the same reaction, and it eventually grew on her, so I popped it in this afternoon, because I am by myself and can watch anything I want.

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