Athens, one year later

September 29, 2006

Josh, the Amphitheatre

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We made it.

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2 thoughts on “Athens, one year later”

  1. I’m fairly certain that this is the one and ONLY time I’ve ever seen Josh smile in a picture… Yeah for International Travel! I’m glad you guys are having a great time. Miss you

  2. i am so glad you’re there.

    i just back-read your blog because i hadn’t for a long time, for some reason. my whole world has been tied up in stress, petty stress that not only irritated me as itself but made me irritated that i was irritated.

    reading your blog always makes me feel peaceful, like everything is good and that the world is a good place to be.

    i wish you could come down for my housewarming. i wish i could have come camping. soon, i will have the flexibility to make more things, more IMPORTANT things, happen, soon. yay.

    my favorite thing about my weekend up in the mountains with you was our talking about a creative place, and i haven’t forgotten that. it’s in the distance, an ensconced in fog.

    i’m glad you’re where you are. and i can’t wait til you come back again.


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