awake in time

January 26, 2004

The world is snowy and grey. My world is, at least, I don’t know how it looks for you.

Last night I took a long bath with my hair in pigtails, daydreaming in the water. I was imagining scenes for a story I’m writing, and inspiration struck, so I yelled for a notebook! a pen! quickly! and then wrote for an hour while the water slowly drained away. I thought it might be funny to write the story in the bath every night. Then I realised it might be necessary.

I turned my Livejournal into a pdf file with help from the community. Printed, it was over fifty pages of me talking about my cat. Well. I imagine I should feel quite accomplished, and I do slightly. Now if I could only finish my SX70 booklet for download in my gallery, and add the other four galleries that need to go up.

I’ve been running myself ragged with administrativa these last few weeks, and am getting grumpy and restless as a result. I want to paint, and I want to draw, and darn it, I want to sit down for one measly hour without thinking of all the things I should be doing.

On the other hand, three weeks of busy-ness is a nice change from a quarter-century of lassitude.

On the immediate menu: very foamy café au laits. For dinner? I don’t know. What goes well with couscous? I usually just eat it by itself, with pine nuts. I want to use it as a side dish tonight. Give me your couscous recipes and complementary dishes, please!

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