beauty of sleep

November 26, 2004

I woke up late, emailed with Penelope over the last few bits for Illo Friday, lazily meandered to my favourite cafe for a white mocha (jenn, I was trying to duplicate your white cow – good stuff) where Duck asked me how business was going and I answered happily “Really well!”. I met his new web guy and made sure he knew how to get into the server to upload the cafe’s new website, then we came back home to my beautiful clean studio.

I unloaded two of my chasers for my letterpress, and am getting ready to do my business cards on them. I finally pawed through the boxes that came with it, and feel blessed that the person who sold it to me included a bunch of quoins, five chasers, a ton of furniture and everything I need to use it except ink and type. What a deal I got.

I’ve been talking about my California visit to everyone for the last few days. Every time I’m around a toddler lately I find myself comparing them to my goddaughter. “Allea never does that. Why can’t all kids be as cool as she is?”
J. and I are actually pricing Macs to send her one for her third birthday – which is next August. But we both got kind of excited about setting up a computer for her and so, you know how it goes.

I had dreams about letterpressed materials last night. I was some sort of missionary wearing a gauzy blue robe. I stood outside and saw huge floating islands in the sky and thought “Those houses on the islands are totally expensive”. Myself and my minions were looking for the next chosen child, and we found him. A small blond boy. The dream ended with me dressing him warmly and thinking of how many years I had to prepare him for his job as messiah. The longer I sleep, the weirder my dreams get, and I slept in until ten. Yum.

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