blessings count #241

December 29, 2005

List of good things:
1) Godbaby has me wrapped around her little finger. “That’s good tzatziki, Godmudder.” Note to self: pick less obvious vulnerability. I am a damned sucker for two things – a wink, and a compliment to my cooking. Such a cliche.

2) Tanya Stephens “‘Tis a Pity” and “Boom Wuk”. Go download.

3) Brand-spanking new oven at Mom’s place. Have baked four loaves of bread in the last week. Gas range. Beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.

List of personal revelations:

1) Fundamental difference between my mother and I – when I am stressed, I eat cookies and dance earnestly to rap music in front of a mirror. When Mom’s stressed, she makes lists. I make lists when I am RELAXED.

2) Television is terrible and rots the brain, but it is truly eerie how movies you haven’t seen in years get mentioned in conversation and then show up in the schedule within the afternoon. Just…creepy.

3) Cherry wine tastes wonderful, but it is better mixed with olallieberry wine. However, drinking four glasses then watching “Closer” is a no no.

4) I missed the fourth Harry Potter movie in the theatres due to expatriate-ism. I regret this, but only a little.

5) Have started dreaming in Greek. These little mental spasms are always brief, and since I outgrew the sleep-talking thing a few years ago, a lot less amusing than they once were.

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