October 12, 2007

This film was a surprising gem in a stack of $1 horror DVDs I had purchased – I found myself alone one night during a raging Midwestern thunderstorm, so I settled in with a bottle of wine and a sketchbook and soon found myself ignoring both in favour of John Carradine’s performance as Gaston. The dialog is snappy with 1930’s wit (even though it was filmed in ’44 – I still think of crackling sharp dames as the province of the 30’s), and there are some exceedingly deft literary devices used in the plot that make this film a good way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Right now, though, it is early morning and the fog has rolled in. The kettle is hissing on the stove and occasionally the maples outside my window jerk violently in the autumn wind. I’m going to save this film until AFTER my first cup of tea.

(click here to view this film in a pop-up window while you go about your business)

Bluebeard – 1944 – 01:10
Director: Edgar G. Ulmer

  • CATEGORY: Film

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