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January 4, 2004

I see no reason not to journal a bit everyday (or to continue my verbing of things, even though I’ve lately resolved to improve both my English vocabulary AND grammar) as a sort of motivational tool for myself.

So here’s an entry for 01/03/04.

I stayed up late on Friday researching low-carb diets and deciding that, while most of it seems to be marketing hype and of spurious scientific origin, watching my carbs is probably a very good idea for me. I even signed up on the Atkins site so that I could save a few of the seafood recipes, since I have no experience cooking fish or shellfish.

Saturday when I got up, I hauled myself up to the grocery store to do a test run and see if I could pick up a few things to take to work and have at home for breakfast. This involved breaking several of my personal grocery shopping rules, including “No more than two dairy products” and “no sugar-free ANYTHING allowed in my basket” which I broke only once, for Jello. Everyone loves Jello, and if you get black cherry flavour, you can’t even taste the aspartame. Your lips still go numb, but you can’t taste it. And it is no carb, no calorie, no fat, and I like it. Sort of.

Two kinds of cheese, low-carb bread, some deli meat and canned chow mein (for J.) later, and I am packing a lunch to take to work. I end up with cottage cheese, Jello, and a hard-boiled egg.

People. This is no kind of lunch at all. Trust me. By the end of my shift last night, I was hitting the pastry samples for relief. My body doesn’t much like eggs and dairy, and when mixed together, it is not pleasant. Naturally the only solution was an ample dosage of Honey Bun Cake, which solved the problem immediately and calmed my stomach enough that I could drink a few shots of straight espresso.

I am a model of health. A MODEL, I tell you.

Now I must work. I talked my way out of working at the café today, due to an ice storm that has left my roads impassable. So I have almost enough time to finish this site mockup I was supposed to have to a client on Wednesday. Who knew I would spend the holidays getting toasted and eating food instead of working? Certainly not me.

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