City Market

June 19, 2004

Woke up early this morning after a night of margaritas and went with some friends down to the City Market for breakfast. I had two blueberry pancakes that were bigger than a billboard. Three of us attacked them and we still only managed to finish about a quarter.

Then we walked around the market, buying fresh berries and honey from the Mennonites down from Jamesport (I am planning on looking up a pattern for one of the dresses the girls were wearing – plain, pretty and 1890’s chic). I held cockatiels from the bird rescue, and watched the glitter of the many different kinds of cultural garb in rare show in the middle of KC. Saris, African caftans, beautiful fabrics.

Then we went thrift store shopping. Some of my great finds – a VIC 20 for eight bucks, and three books I’ve been wanting for $0.69 apiece. I got out of my planned event for the afternoon, babysitting for a friend, and now I am going to eat leftover Mexican food, read books, and watch one of my I-just-got-paid splurgy movies.

Whew. Good way to start off the weekend.

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