June 6, 2005

1) Working on HTML production for ad agency. Very far behind. Need to kick my own ass. Jenn, might need you to kick it for me.

2)Cleaning up manuscript after production work is done today. Very, very far behind. Not sure why I’ve been avoiding this one.

3) Surfing Flickr for tags of names of places I’ve been. Found marvelous shot of the ski cabin on Ulriken where we paused for cocoa just prior to falling rapidly down the mountain. Also, marvelous shots of Bryggen in the early morning. Want to go back to Norway and take more pictures.

4) Restless, uncomfortable, but thoroughly enjoying some new music I picked up last night. Good for coding, although I have done absolutely everything to avoid coding including application of a face mask with followup exfoliation, and aforementioned Flickr searches.

Sigh. I’m really getting to work now. (And once I am done with the work, I might go for a long run outside to expend some of this antsiness).

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