Day’s never finished…

August 3, 2006

We are in Colby Kansas, at a Days Inn, waiting for our UHaul to be replaced with a truck whose transmission hasn’t exploded. Because ours did, very conveniently in a friendly town in the not-too-early morning, so the mechanic picked us up within a few minutes and now we’re in a comfy and economical hotel room with free wireless.

The cat is currently – well, catatonic. The six hours of unceasing roaring from the diesel, coupled with restraint in a plastic box and the fact that he’s done this before means that he is currently huddled quietly in his carrier, staring out at me with wide eyes, wishing it’ll all be over soon.

Josh and I are in a much better frame of mind than the cat, not being locked in plastic boxes ourselves and able to put quarters in the vending machine freely and with wanton abandon.

We’re going to get some sleep, until Butch’s Body Shop calls us and tells us our truck is ready. Then we’re probably going to roll over and sleep some more.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

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3 thoughts on “Day’s never finished…”

  1. o no! Not catatonic kitties! O… poor Fitzgerald! They should definitely stock those vending machines with something kitty related and fun. Like little friskies or something. Hope Butch sets you up right as rain and real soon!!! Safe journey!

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