November 15, 2003

How come every time J. goes away for the weekend, I “pamper” myself with food and beauty necessities? My idea of “gourmet” always seems to involve fruit, bread, and soft cheeses of some sort, so for today’s indulgence I bought fruit, bagels and cream cheese (I know, not what you were thinking when I said “soft cheeses”). Mangoes were on sale for FIFTY CENTS. I should have bought the whole basket. Some of my favourite childhood memories involve mangos and mango trees – and I haven’t yet bought a mango that tasted anything like the ones I ate then, sun-warmed and exotic with rainbows.

I also bought hot chocolate to celebrate with him tonight, if he comes home early. He’s deer hunting this weekend, but he’s already gotten his first deer. He woke me up when he called about it this morning, and it was nice news to wake up to. I have little experience with preparing game, but I imagine we’ll be having venison for Thanksgiving now. I’m really very proud of J. – I wanted to be more involved though. I shouldn’t have opted out on the trip this weekend. I was hoping to be with J. the whole time so that I could have the experience and learn to field dress a deer and whatnot. I rather believe if I am going to eat meat, it’s the only honourable way to do it, to personally take the deer and prepare it for the table, so that I know the animal was treated with respect for its life. I know J. feels similarly about it.
At any rate, it is still exciting.

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