September 23, 2003

The worst part of living “simply” and frugally and “within my means” is when I run out of hot drinks, like tea, coffee or cocoa. With the library providing my books and movies for free, all I need to is to provide tea, coffee, or cocoa, and I’m living in the lap of luxury.

Well, today is that scant day before the check arrives, and I AM OUT OF EVERYTHING. No yerba mate. No earl grey (oh, earl, I how devoted I am to thee). I have coffee, but no milk for it, and I can drink straight espresso but my espresso machine is subpar, to say it nicely. All the free stuff I got as an employee of Big Green has run out entirely, and I am now in a position where I have to stock up again for lean times. Like today.

This post is being published to remind myself and anyone reading that a life whose greatest deficit is the lack of hot drinks must be a stunningly well-lived life indeed. Today, despite this one overwhelming obstacle, is shaping up nicely.

With that lesson learned, I will resume my quiet keening over cocoa…

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