first pomegranate of the season

October 2, 2003

I ate the first pomegranate of the year today. I had to buy one once I found them, and even though I wasn’t feeling well I ate it because I just couldn’t resist. And I figured if it didn’t stay down then I’d get all ceremonial with the second one and pass it off as the first on a technicality.

It wasn’t pretty on the outside, but it was like opening a jewel box full of scented garnets. Oh, how I savoured it. Pomegranates are the most perfect collection of reds. It was so sweet and fragrant that it had the odd effect of clearing my senses and making me extra-aware of the smell of autumn and the sway of the trees outside my window. The children were walking home from the bus stop in the three o’clock goldlight of the afternoon, and it was as though I was walking with them, kicking leaves along the way.

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