First Pomegranate

October 14, 2006

first pomegranate

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It is late and Josh is working on the network in the computer lounge. It is windy outside and I took this opportunity to upload a slough of photos to Flickr.

This is rather monumental, as all my late night hysterical whiskey-soaked confessions at the bars here since we arrived have revolved around my fear and or inability to take photos in the last three months. But Josh slyly got me to start shooting and these are the results. Not many people – just a shot of he and I. I am back to objects and landscapes. I will work my way back to shooting people.

As existential artistic crises go, it’s a pretty problem to have.

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2 thoughts on “First Pomegranate”

  1. I first came across your blog when I googled “pomegranate” just under a month ago. I’ve just moved house, and a grocers about five minutes away has crates of the things stacked up outside of his shop. Everytime I pass it, I think of how delicious the fruit is, but also of how short a period we get them here in England. It’s nice to see someone else has such pomegranate appreciation…

  2. Beautiful photos! I love that everything looks so simple and elegant and sparse… And that BREAKFAST! yum!

    You are beautiful too… Love that shot of you. 🙂


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