Five Days in Oslo

November 8, 2005

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I went to Norway for my term break, to soak up some atmosphere and whimsical charm, and I got it in spades. Here are a few pictures from my time there – it was a lovely whirlwind of art, good food, good company, and a chance to see the sun rise and set in a six-hour timeframe. I have more to come (Venice update anyone?) from my paper journal, but this is the proverbial placeholder.

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One thought on “Five Days in Oslo”

  1. Oslo! yay! I am married to a native of Oslo. Seeing those pictures reminded me of the times I have been there and how I am looking forward to going back over the Christmas holidays. But I was especially excited to see that old Volvo parked on the street…my father had that same car – we kept it for 17 years – and my brother and I learned how to drive with that car.

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