October 21, 2003

I am getting old.

The signs have all been there. Getting nauseated at a scary movie really capped it off though. My body’s relationship with food has changed in the last few months, and things that I could eat with no second thought have been taken off the menu due to their averse effects. Sugar – makes me freaking nuts, and not feel very well. Dairy – seem to be discovering I’m lactose intolerant. Caffeine – we all know about that one.

So I’m looking for some really good nutritional analysis/meal planning software for the Mac so that I can spit some of my favourite vegan recipes in there and have it make a grocery list for me. Problem is, nothing like that seems to exist with all the features I want. Anyone got any ideas?

I made the mistake of falling asleep at 11pm on the couch last I was up by 5:20 this morning. I hve to go to bed at 3am at the earliest, otherwise I’m up when the whole rest of the world is going to work, and I don’t like the “employed’ feeling I get. 🙂

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