July 28, 2004

Friday, stayed on the phone with me for two hours just chatting. It lifted what threatened to be a nasty dark mood. I talked to my goddaughter FOUR TIMES because SHE TALKS and says very cute things and pronounces my name in five very different, charming ways. I felt so much better after that. I miss Jenn a lot, and will hopefully be visiting soon.

Last night, Laura called out of the blue, after I had been thinking to call her yesterday, and her timing was perfect. I had been working on my strips and trying to get “inspired” to work on my portfolio, and was suffering crises of confidence. I don’t really have a body of work, my stuff is amateurish, do I really want to send this out and have them laugh at me and tell me I’m not good enough to be taught?

But she called and said “I showed a coworker your website yesterday with your pictures and she thought they were awesome” and I thought “Damn, girl. Thank you. I needed that little push out of the doldrums.”

I am very lucky to have my friends.

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