grocery shopping.

October 29, 2003

I have to do about five minutes’ work for the café today, and boy am I procrastinating. I even went grocery shopping to avoid it.

I’m trying to avoid sugar, dairy, and gluten/wheat products so that I can test for a wheat allergy, but all that leaves me with very little palatable stuff to eat, esp. if I avoid sugary fruits. So I bought bunches of organic produce, kosher/antibiotic free chicken, some cage free eggs, and Coca Cola.

If I hadn’t bought the Coke, J. would starve to death before Friday. Meal planning is SO HARD. And there was no way my mother could have prepared me for it, because she simply didn’t do it – we rarely ate dinner together, I cooked for myself from about 8 yrs. on, and we’re picky about the same foods, so there was only ever stuff I liked in the fridge.

I’m a little worried about diabetes, as it runs in my family (and obesity doesn’t seem to be a precursor for it in my family, which likely makes me even more susceptible as I’m one of maybe two people in my large family who is more than ten pounds overweight). So regardless of wheat allergies or whatnot, I absolutely must reduce my sugar intake. I find not eating sweets to be a direct hit to my quality of life, so today I stocked up on sugar-free yoghurt (aspartame is so evil), dried fruit, fresh fruit, and pineapple chunks in unsweetened pineapple juice. That should just about do it for today – wonder where I’m getting my sweets tomorrow. 🙂

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