Half the Island

March 24, 2006

Ancient wall, flowers

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Today, we walked half the island with John.

We started in Aspro Xorio, a tiny village between Aliki and Drios, and climbed into the hills among the wildflowers, taking the old Byzantine road into the mountain. We stopped at a stream for awhile and lay in the sun, passing around cheese and chocolate and listening to the birds and frogs, then continued the climb.

I thought the hill was going to kill me. I did stay out a little late last night.

But we continued on, reaching the paved road to Levkes, and going down a familiar path until we ended back up at Flora’s for gigantes, revithia, skorthalia, good red barrel wine, and sleepy smiles. You would not believe the light today. You would not believe the trembling beauty of a wild orchid climbing out of ancient stones.

I walked across a bridge built around 470, and I couldn’t figure out what was more marvelous – that the bridge had stood all this time, or that there was still water flowing in the same place, a stony creek filled with happy frogs.

We met the bus in Levkes after our long, sunny lunch, and rode quietly back to Paroikia in that gorgeous soft light. As soon as we arrived at the port, Pook & Kathryn and Maria and I went to Denise’s gelateria to confirm the rumour that she was opening today, to be told that she’s experimenting with new recipes and to come back later tonight, after 10:30.

So we’re planning on watching a movie at the school, then heading to Denise’s, then maybe heading to a party in Naoussa to see our friend DJ. It has been a busy day, but not with work. And I badly needed it – my muscles are tired after walking fifteen miles of the island (it couldn’t have been that long, but it must have) but I feel so good, so loose and warm and happy.

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