Happy Halloween!!!

October 31, 2007

With the wildfires last week, I’m afraid I reserved my internet bandwidth for obsessive news refreshing, work, and over-diligent cupcake planning for the IF Show on Saturday. So it’s been awhile since the last movie post.

I knew when I started this endeavor that I’d save this movie for last – it is easily the movie that has frightened me the most. I first watched it alone during a thunderstorm at the age of fourteen, the vicious winds were a constant roar outside. I could only hear the wind and the screams from the television. I didn’t hear the tree fall next to the window, and when my mother came in later with a pale face and wide eyes and asked me if I had heard it fall, I didn’t hear the door open and the sound of her voice behind me made me scream.

I love this movie.


Night of the Living Dead – 01:35

Director: George A. Romero
Producer: Karl Hardman, Russell Streiner

  • CATEGORY: Film

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