head in the clouds

May 31, 2005

I had such a wonderful weekend. It started with seeing my goddaughter squirming around excitedly in her carseat like a wee puppy, trying to see me come out of the airport. I got in the car and sat next to her and she immediately told me she saw my plane come down, and asked me where my glasses were. I was bowled over – I didn’t even think she would remember me! She followed this by insisting that I carry her to bed when we arrived home that night (“You sleep with me. Can I carry you?”) and the following day, developing the habit of referring to me as “Godmudder” instead of Brianna (“Godmudder, I go outside in my flip-flops, ok?”). Just too much for me, as I am unequipped to deal with that level of sweetness and charm. I totally caved whenever she asked me for anything.

had outdone herself, and had set up my room with lavendar-scented sheets. I can’t think of anything nicer to cuddle into after a day of traipsing around airports. We sat outside under the japanese lanterns until I had yawned myself into a stupor, complete with waterfall soundtrack. Then, to bed, where I awoke the next morning with sun (like I always do in the mountains) and lazed around for nearly an hour before poking my head upstairs to seek out coffee.

Saturday was a barbecue-scented blur, where I met Tracey (who is wonderful, and who was emphatically informed by Allea “Dat’s not Brianna! Dat’s my Godmudder!”) and saw old friends from high school and was surrounded by warmth and family. Jenn and I tried valiantly to get drunk on tequila shots, but alas, we built up too much of a tolerance in high school and had nary a buzz after three shots. No regrets – it was smooth tequila. A nice aperitif.

Sunday morning saw us down the street at Madeline’s for french toast and bacon. Every time I am in there I crane my neck to see if I recognize the patrons – my grandparents used to take me there on Sundays. Allea is a huge favourite of the owner, and spent most of breakfast running around. The difference in her focus and concentration between now and six months ago is astonishing – Jenn was able to finish her meal, for once.

Right after Madeline’s, my mother picked me up for coffee and a chat, and we ended up back at the house she owns in VOE where I lived in high school. Surrounded by national forest, we would lay out in the street in the summer and watch the Perseids. She and I discussed her plans for renovating the house, and I enjoyed her company.

Home again after that, and after naptime we all descended upon Seeley Creek for a gorgeous hike among the wildflowers and alder and pine. We were rewarded with waterfalls and granite outcroppings to climb on, and a small sandy little beach near the creek where Allea satisfyingly plunked rocks in to make a splash.

Jenn and I had a few minutes to chat after that, and then arrived! It was fantastic. I will post pictures when I find my camera.

There was so much more to it than just these bare facts, but it was truly a wonderful weekend. I stared at the clouds for hours on the plane back to Kansas City, just fixing it in my memory. I am so blessed.

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