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September 18, 2003

Well, I worked on it for a bit, was dissatisfied with the results but plan to come back to it later from a fresh angle.

Meanwhile, I went shopping at Michael’s to sooth my ills, but just got riled up all over again over their insane markup on paper products. Stocked up on some canvases, got a couple of little papercrafty things as a treat, and replenished some of my painting supplies like brush cleaner and whatnot.

The best treat today though was putting lunch on hold while I took a little walk to get the mail. I collected some round rosehips and watched the progress of a beetle on the bridge over the culvert. Identified some edible weeds, and kicked around some black walnuts. Then, in my mail, a letter from K. She has the most delectable habit of getting off of the phone with me after a marathon chat and sending me a letter. This one had a silvery orb painted on the envelope, and inside, a dogwood painted on a brief letter talking about a new project we’re embarking on, a tarot deck swap for each other.

I love her. She keeps me real.

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