how to eat a pomegranate

October 3, 2003

how to eat a pomegranate

(brianna’s way)

This is how I eat pomegranates. When I was little, I would drop them on concrete so they would split and I could get to the wonderful bits inside. I’m older now, and a little more graceful.

A very little.

For cooking purposes, and as a rule, you’re supposed to slice them in half and shovel the good stuff out with a spoon. It’s more wasteful than my method, and faster. My method is conducive to full sensory enjoyment of the pomegranate love.

Make a cross cut.

Peel from the edges.

Pick apart delicately.

Reap rewards.

(fuzzy arils)


This takes about a half hour to an hour, depending on whether or not you’re reading while you eat.
The last picture’s a little fuzzy, but it depicts the arils which are the seeds. EAT THE SEEDS. Don’t
try to suck the juicy part off. It won’t work. The seeds are like grape seeds, and have a flavour of their own.


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