August 25, 2004

It’s sent!! It’s off to Greece! I really sent it! Hooray for me!

I had to drive all over Creation and call several places before I found a post office that 1) knew what an International Reply Coupon was and 2) had them in stock. Two hours and $40 later, it was sent. It should arrive Friday or Monday, just under the wire before their fall session begins.

I hope I get in. I hope I get in. I would so look forward to it, but I won’t let myself think about it too much until I know I am going. Okay, enough of that.

I unwrapped my gigantor sheets of watercolour paper and sketched out an Arlecchino poster – I am fascinated by commedia dell’arte and as I was going to bed last night an image of a poster design for Pierrot and Harlequin sorta flashed into my head. We’ll see how it turns out. The sketch is – primitive, but I’m hoping to hide that through judicious use of metallic paint. I refer to that method as my “style”.

That portfolio set a flame going. I want to bind everything into a book. I am making up things to put on paper just so I can bind them together.

I came home from the Midwest Post Office to find a huge Dick Blick catalog in my mailbox. There are fourteen hundred kinds of metallic paints and pigments that I must own. And several sheets of gold leaf, so I can bind them into a book.

This is so incoherent! I am so relieved! I sent my portfolio today!

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