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October 8, 2004

Hi! This has been my longest hiatus from LJ. I announced my one-year anniversary and then promptly clammed up.

I have an evening to myself and Lebowski on the DVD player.

I kept myself from posting, because the last month has been 65-80 hour work weeks with nothing getting accomplished. That usually makes me frantically depressed. This time, however, it has manifested itself in bouts of binge eating and desperate business planning. I like the business planning, am working on the eating thing.

My new server is being built. I will say more when my software is ready to go to beta testing. But, I think you will finally see why I got into this web business lo those many years ago. My skillz may have finally caught up with my ambition. I am terribly thrilled, and inspired.

Other big news – after four years of lusting, I finally procured my very own little letterpress. EEEEE! It needs new rollers, but I’ve collected some type and some photopolymer plates and I’m playing around with linoleum carving to use in the press. I’m very excited. It ties in nicely with the photo stuff.

I have pictures of the press and the painting I’m currently working on that I will upload in another entry – I’m on my work laptop in the living room right now. Working. Well, when I’m not working on this entry which I have been for an hour.

Lastly, Rob Rummel-Hudson of Darn Tootin’ has been a favourite read of mine since 1999, and in the last two years has been making some really terrific videos with iMovie that are poignant and artful. You should check out the one from yesterday – having followed the story of his daughter’s development and obstacles, I have rarely been touched by anything like the video from yesterday.

More sooon, and illustrated!

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