January 24, 2004

I absolutely cannot sleep.

It is three am. I have already lain in bed for hours feigning sleep. I thought if I could do a good imitation, it would fool the insomnia away.

It isn’t working.

This will be the fourth night this week I haven’t slept. I’m not sure how to fix it. It’s not too much of a problem, as my schedule is flexible, and Friday was my day off so I slept during the day. But I don’t wish it to continue.

I had earlier resolved to note every book I read this year. Strangely, I have read very little this January. I’ve started many books and not finished them. I believe since the beginning of the year I have read Journey to the Center of the Earth, begun Humboldt’s Gift, picked at The Age of Innocence and glutted myself on short stories.

Maybe if I go read something technical it will put me to sleep.

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