many things.

June 14, 2004

1) If you watch only one episode of a sitcom while it is on the air, then it is guaranteed that it will be the only episode you will ever see in syndication. I’ve only ever seen one episode of Arrested Development, even though I’ve sat down to watch it four times.

2) The best ideas come when you’re the least incapable of acting upon them.

3) Thunderstorms are amazing. I watched the sky explode for hours last night.

4) Field of Dreams makes me cry every time Doc Graham has to go back into the cornfield after saving Karin from choking. Sniff.

5) Not updating one’s LiveJournal frequently enough leads to nervous tics and obsessive friends page reloading.

6) Renee Zellweger annoys me.

7) Someone drew a picture of me today. It was the first drawing of my face that included the little beauty-mole I have under my right eye. I was totally flattered. I will scan it and display it – it’s a cartoon.

How are you?

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