March 20, 2007

I keep looking around this house and seeing great photo opportunities. One corner of our kitchen is set up for hot drinks – a tea tray with a jar of Greek coffee, boxes of tea, a little dish of silver teaspoons, a sugar bowl. It makes me happy every time I look at it, having all that hot beverage potential in one place, efficiently set up for quick distribution.

Sé keeps asking me why I stopped blogging, and I kept answering “Because I’m not doing anything interesting!”, but that’s a total cop out answer, and one that makes me internally uneasy – like when I hear myself saying I’m bored. They’re trigger phrases that let me know there’s something I’m not addressing.

So I thought I’d write a little bit about what I’ve been doing – we launched the Illustration Friday blog, and it’s hopping! We’re working on a new project that will be revealed soon, one that I’m totally excited about and whose idea was so obvious that we had the fundamentals built in two days. There’s so much in progress – I’m cramming my time with standard work-for-hire development projects and toys I’m building with RSS and AJAX to try and meet the goal of making the web easier for artists. By artists I usually mean “me” because every single idea I have for comes directly from a need I am addressing as a website owner or a question I find myself answering often for our friends and clients.

We don’t sleep much, and we carry on fifteen conversations at once – Josh fills me in on the trail of campaign destruction Karl Rove has been wreaking since he was a fresh-faced lad of 20, then tells me how to figure the cross-weight on a race car. I send him links to pictures of cats.

Our garden seedlings are doing weird things but are nearly ready for the ground, and an explosion of purple vinca and yellow daffodils in our domain has heralded today’s equinox. Even the rose at the deserted sandy edge of the driveway is thriving. Our maple tree is red with blossoms and I can hear the bees buzzing around it even with the windows shut. Buzz is a good keyword to describe the last month of my life.

We punctuate the days with moments in the sun out on the deck – the scrub jays and Stellar’s jays have pilfered through a kilo of peanuts in just a few short days. Fiends. My aunt Tammie leaves tomorrow for Malawi to work at a hospital there for three weeks (she’s the nurse manager of the oncology department of her hospital, and I’m so freaking excited that she’s doing this – it just fits her). I went and saw a movie today, 300, and it was just as full of naked abdomens and Gerard Butler’s Scottish accent as I was promised. These are all the things I have been doing, and as for exploring my feelings – well, I’m buzzed. Spring is humming, is blossoming, I’ve redesigned and am ready to launch it shortly, and I get to spend every single one of these golden days with Josh right with me.

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