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April 4, 2007

Josh has started a new political blog,, and in four days has blown me out of the water.

He’s got some funny and amazing analyses of current and past United States politics, and his site is quickly becoming one of my favourite blogs. It helps that he hasn’t quite overcome “new blog mania” so he posts about every third hour. And in the interest of full disclosure, I am totally hitting that. Just so you know.

The best part to watch, tho, is his fascination with all bells and whistles like YouTube embedded videos and trackbacks and all the bloggy goodness that new bloggers can take advantage of nowadays that were mere dreams to us whose sites began in, you know, the nineties. Josh also completely overcame the debate over ads on personal/opinion blogs by pointing out the Amazon links he uses. “Look at that! They pop up! Every time I hover over the link! That is SO COOL! I’m going to use this for ALL the books I reference!”

A comprehensive overview of just why it’s a big deal that eight U.S. Attorneys were fired, and the consequences to the United States justice system.

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