January 10, 2004

I want to see the movie Big Fish very badly. However, the trailers make me weepy, so I’m a bit leary of going with anyone in case I fall apart. I miss the days, oh, two years ago, when I was one of those people who just never cried. Now, I cry at the drop of a hat. I cry for happy, for sad, for uncomfortable, for sleepy, and for frustrated. I cry for commercials, small children on the street, beautiful sunsets, grey days, and polyester jackets. I am a big weepy ball of girl. Ugh. I know the why of it, but it doesn’t lessen my embarassment any.

As of right now, my web server has been down for almost 24hrs. with no explanation from my host. That means that my site and the sites of two of my clients are down. That means I haven’t been able to send or receive email in 24hrs., which is disastrous as I am in the crunch for a big project or two. That means the café email is down and has been for a full day. That is a bit crippling for our communications, since we only work in shifts of one or two at a time, and tend to contact each other via email. My backup alternative, since I control the DNS records for all of my clients, is to temporarily post their sites to my backup host and reroute the domain name, but that’s a full day’s waiting for what should be a temporary problem.

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