Nook recovery

July 22, 2007

Bare but bright

Bare, but bright. I used a trick from Martha Stewart and juxtaposed three nearly matched shades of white for a sort of pearlescent, light-bending effect. This color was originally intended for the bathroom, but I made a mistake when I picked out the color for this nook, and it has been garish orange for most of the year. I found the white paint I’d set aside last year and decided to dive in and cover up the nook. I painted the frames to match, then stapled bookbinding tape to their backs to hang from the hooks. The frames came from a thrift jaunt with Jenn last year. One was originally hot pink.

I have a beautiful collection of prints from Aegean Center alumni, and one by one I’m getting them hung. I’ve collected a bunch of frames in useful sizes and am painting them all to match. I’ll admit, after years of living in boring white apartments, I am a little bummed about the monochrome design scheme, but it seems to work without being cold.

Donkey Head by Seamus Heffernan

“Donkey Dusk” by Seamus Heffernan

Old Venetian by Mark Dunstan

“Old Venetian” by Mark Dunstan

One thought on “Nook recovery”

  1. WOW! that looks GREAt!!

    i cannot wait to see the house. it looks like you’ve been working so hard on it! yay! i’m so excited for you!

    and i don’t think the white looks boring. i think it look like a blank canvas. perfect for you, who creates art with every breath.

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