October is Scary Movie Month at

October 8, 2007

October. Best month of the year. A time to indulge in all the creepy crawly heebie jeebieness we can while the skies turn grey and autumnal.

I decided to share some of my favourite movies with you through the generosity of and my nostalgic memories of coming home from school, popping something scary into the VCR, and watching wide-eyed while the wind howled and I ate cookies and wished my mom would hurry up and get home.

Every other day this month, until October 31st, I will post a new movie here at Whether you’re at home or sneaking peeks at work, I recommend curling up with a hot beverage while you watch. Let’s celebrate the Scary Season!

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The Phantom of the Opera – 1925 (01:46)

Director: Rupert Julian, Ernst Laemmle, Edward Sedgwick
Producer: Carl Laemmle
Production Company: Universal Pictures

  • CATEGORY: Film

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