Revelling in the Mundane

May 11, 2007

Today has been so lovely. I woke up and made coffee and we both sat outside on the deck and fed the jays and took the morning slowly. I put on my favourite dress (granted, it was the only thing that was clean – I have some laundry to catch up on after all this travelling) and found my summer sandals and we walked around the garden and pointed at things and moved things around and watered and tended and bathed ourselves thoroughly in the green glow that’s filtering through all the new leaves on the oaks and maples around the house.


Self Portrait at Home

It felt so good to come home. Since I hadn’t planned on making the trip with Josh, I had decided to work on the house while he was gone and in anticipation of that, ordered some new linens and storage stuff. They were waiting in our living room in a huge pile when we arrived, and the first thing I did was make up the bed with the new quilt to see how the colors fit. My verdict is, perfect.

New quilt

Waking up in this room is always dreamy – no alarm clock. Just the gradual shimmer of daylight bouncing off the walls and the raspy arguing of the Stellar’s jays outside the window.

Josh Expounds

There are a lot of new features in the works for this site – a huge expansion, of sorts. I’ve got notebooks four feet high that go as far back as 1998 full of drawings and schemas and ideas. I always jotted things down with the idea that I would bring them to fruition when I had the time – and it seems the time is right now. The road trip did me some good, and was just as inspiring as I’d hoped – lucky girl. Josh and I hashed out some details for the hosting service that brings it a huge leap closer to the vision I had for it when I registered the domain in 1999. Slow going, maybe, but I feel like I’m close to achieving some really important goals – and it feels like a hundred of my dreams coming true all at once. It’s tempting to not voice that feeling out loud, to not tempt the fates – but life is good right now, and I’m going to document the hell out of it while I can, revel in all the small goodnesses and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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