Scirocco skies

March 1, 2006

I am on Paros.

Let me say that again, it makes me so happy. I have arrived on Paros, intact and entire and it was so beautiful today it felt like a dream. Kathryn and I hopped on the little prop plane (highlight: flight attendant miming through the safety instructions with a life vest around her neck, a bored look on her face. Who needs narration, you’ve all flown before) and landed at noon, Jane waiting to pick us up. The wildflowers are blooming. Jane’s hair is lovely. It’s like I never left, like no time has passed.

We walked around a bit with some of the new students and had a souvlaki, then I grabbed Maria-Elena and we headed to Atlantik for some provisions. My apartment is sparkling new, and amazing – simply perfect. I am on the first floor (second) and have high ceilings and a lovely kitchen, bath, bedroom – a full suite of rooms with all the amenities. My balcony looks across to my painting studio window at the back of the school. I have pictures. I will post them.

I am jet lagged and wobbly and am waiting to go to dinner at my favourite taverna in Parikia, the Albatross, which just opened up after the winter. I will drink lots of red wine and eat greens and yogurt and octopus, then late into the night we will walk to meet the last boat, to meet two more new students and show them their rooms and welcome them to the island. Then back to my gorgeous flat with the lavendar doors and to bed, a long sleep late into tomorrow morning.

Or as late as I can stand it, knowing that I’m back on my island and anxious to walk all over.

My living room, Parikia

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3 thoughts on “Scirocco skies”

  1. ahhh… mmm… the true joy of being on a Greek island. Is the wild garlic starting to poke through the soil, or is it too early in the season?

    (I’m reviewing plans for an industrial building at this moment— grrr!)

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