September 28, 2003

I had some odd dreams last night. First dream was sort of fantasy weird, with scary evil overtones – there was a tree in a walled garden that people would sneak in to touch, and it was making them sick. If they were near it too long or touched it too long, it killed them. We figured out it was a monster underneath the tree that was actually the source of the malaise. I don’t think we managed to remove it before my dream ended. The last visual scene I remember is the tree behind the garden wall, the path leading up to the gate, and a door flap cut into the cliff below the garden where a scaly tail was disappearing right up the trunk of the tree. I drew a really bad sketch of it, because it looked so neat in my head.

The second dream was wonderful – full of happiness and friends and pomegranates. So, so many pomegranates. We were at a lovely house with a walled courtyard (yes, I see a theme here) and in the courtyard grew a pomegranate tree. Everyone around me was eating pomegranates, and I was relishing the fat russet bulbs hanging from the tree. It was a lovely house, and the dream had no plot whatsoever – we were getting ready to go to an event of some kind, and the dream was of us running around with wet hair pulling clothes on and horsing around.

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