The biggest year of my life

April 15, 2005

This year has been wonderful so far, but I think in a lot of ways it’s the biggest year of my life. I’m accomplishing a lot of wonderful things I’ve set out to do, things that I once did not believe myself capable of. I am publishing a book this year. I am working with such wonderful, creative women and am a part of a larger community. I am becoming an artist.

And while all these things are amazing and wonderful, this year may just be the biggest year of my life because of one thing. Today, I accomplished something I never thought possible, something I would have scoffed at even if you’d told me last week that I would do it.

Today, I ran five *%@#$ing miles on that elliptical trainer. In a ROW.


Brianna “Stick it to the Machine” Privett.

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