The Costumer

January 18, 2007

A big box was waiting for me at the front door the other day. I opened it up (it weighed nearly nothing) to discover all the little costume novelties that I’d ordered a few weeks before for a photo shoot I’m setting up. Fortuitously, my goddaughter and her dad stopped by that night and Allea and I were able to dive in and start playing with them so I could snap a few test shots and get an idea of how I wanted to orchestrate the shoot.

The next day, I was checking my voice mail messages, and a sales rep from the costuming company had called to see if I was satisfied with the order. Her voice hesitated in the recording, then she asked “I just wanted to, you know, know what you’re doing.”

I glanced over at the open box next to me and the test shots of Allea from the night before. What do a faux meerschaum pipe, a Pilgrim’s bonnet, a fox mask, cat’s eye sunglasses and a red parasol have in common?

I think that is exactly the question she was really trying to ask.

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