the maiden’s morning dream

September 26, 2003

Woke up this morning with the feeling that I need to be using this journal for morning pages, as it were. As much as I loathe “techniques” on being an “artist” gleaned from “books” (I loathe them almost as much as I like quotes) I am finding I need to write something everyday to get the laundry list dreck out of my head so that the quality stuff behind it can flow. I will likely generate a code for myself and use a different journal/screen name for the dreck pages, so that this space can be, um, something else. Still a blog, I guess.

Need to do something about my wrists. They are killing me. KILLING ME. Not sure if braces are the answer, but I’ve been restricting my keyboard time and using my tablet more instead of the mouse, and it’s helping, but the overall condition of my hands and forearms is positively arthritic at the moment.

And oh, my sciatica!

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