the raven, and early sunset

October 27, 2003

I believe my mother tried to call me early this morning as they left the mountain, but I was too hazy to get to the phone in time. Keep them in your thoughts, that my family has homes to return to, that they all made it safely out of the way of the fire. I am thinking of everyone else affected by this as well, as selfish as I am about my own family’s wellbeing. I have no cell phone numbers to get a hold of anyone, so I am simply waiting.

A week or two ago I sketched a quick little frame for the poem The Raven, which I read every year at this time – indeed, the Simpsons Halloween special with James Earl Jones as the narrator of that poem is my all time favourite. So I popped it up at so that you could read it too and get in the spirit of the season. I love this time of year.

Well, I love everything except the fact that dusk fell at five thirty this evening. Five thirty! It seems to me I didn’t save any daylight at all!

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