the week in review

September 6, 2004

What a week. The best part was finding out that my portfolio arrived.

I had a dream last night that a woman I work with and I were being held at a school-like compound by people in management, forced to till cement in order to plant a garden. I showed the management guys how to roll the cement back to get to strips of soil for actual planting, but then all of the management guys left and I went into the building. When I saw I was alone, I ran out into the hallway to try and escape, and ran into my coworker, so I grabbed her and we left the compound and ran to her car across the street. Right as we were getting in, the management guys pulled up. I tried to get her to drive, but she froze, and one of the guys held this long, flute-like weapon up at the window. I ducked and covered my head – I knew it wasn’t a gun (no hole or barrel) but I didn’t trust it and didn’t want my head in its line of sight. I was so freaked out, I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I promised myself I wouldn’t work on job-work today, just my own stuff. What an awful feeling dream. Of course, trying to garden in concrete is a really great metaphor for how this job feels right now. Good job, subconscious.

I have several cyanotypes printed from digital negatives I made from some pictures I took in Paris about five years ago. Coincidentally, I took them with a Polaroid 35mm point-n-shoot. Heh. I’ll post links later, a wicked thunderstorm just blew in and I want to go play.

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